Testa Barra Kitchen & Cocktails


Testa Barrá will be the second restaurant opened by the Baldwin Restaurant Group. The opening is scheduled for the Spring of 2017, and the restaurant will be located at 22 Mile Road and Romeo Plan in Macomb Township, Mi. Testa Barrá will offer homemade pasta, hand tossed pizzas, and authentic, rustic Italian soulful fare.

Using the experience acquired in the past 12 years at J.Baldwin’s Restaurant, Testa Barrá will strive to create a one-of-a-kind hospitality experience with “over the top” heart and soul food and extraordinary service. Testa Barrá will offer mouthwatering meals and beverages in a vibrant and exciting atmosphere.

The restaurant will have a stunning enclosed patio, along with 20 bar seats, a lounge area and a dining room. A private room for seating up to 75 people will also be available to be used for private parties. The cooking classes that are currently held at J.Baldwin’s Restaurant will be moved to Testa Barrá.



Testa Barra Kitchen & Cocktails

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48824 Romeo Plank
Macomb Township, MI 4804


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